Panda Dragons Gymnastics Program

     At Chi Life our developmental Panda Dragons Gymnastics Program is all about learning and exploring in a fun and safe environment. Enabling our students to form a positive learning attitude is what our program is about. Children learn the fundamental movement, basic motor skills that help them develop a sense of physical fitness, coordination, spatial awareness, strength, flexibility and balance, while improving their listening skills and ability to follow directions.

Our Gymnastics Program is where the real fun begins with exploring more of what gymnastics has to offer. Gymnastics, like physical fitness and good health is a yearly program. Skills and motor developments are taught in our fundamentally sound, logical, progressive classes. The mastery of basic skills leads to increased development and advancement through our own levels as well as the levels of the “USA-Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program” that is implemented in our skill sets. Consistent participation is recommended for the full benefits of the sport. Our program follows the traditional school year, with opportunities to continue advancing through out the year and do additional programs such as summer camps.

 Little Panda Basic Tumbling Program 3-5 years

Practically overnight, your little one changes from an unsteady toddler into a rambunctious child. At Chi Life, our gymnastics program for preschoolers and kindergarters has been specially designed to help your child channel all that energy and reach developmental milestones. Independent enough to attend classes without parents, children in this age group still learn best in a structured environment where gymnastics activities are combined with a healthy dose of fun.

 Springboard to Success 6-12 years

 Kids of this age are still growing like crazy, but now each is developing at a unique pace. That’s why our gymnastics program for grade school boys and girls is a little different than that of our younger members.

Classes have been segmented to allow for gender-specific disciplines and varying developmental abilities, giving students the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level. Celebrated with cheers and high fives, each new achievement leads to newfound confidence, determination and a desire to continue improving. To further explore the serious side of Serious Fun, our program is broken into themed, multi-week Learning Units that lead to a natural progression of skills throughout our Core Season, into our Summer Session and from one year to the next.

In each Learning Unit, physical activity is a conduit for Three-Dimensional Learning. In every dimension, self-confidence and a proud smile are evident outcomes.


Three-Dimensional Learning

 Get Moving! Greater strength, flexibility and coordination through gymnastics and early sports skills. Physical activities to burn that boundless energy, plus build flexibility and strength, develop balance and coordination, and encourage agility, rhythm and overall fitness to launch a lifetime of healthy habits.


Brain Boost!

Spatial and perceptual awareness, mastery of colors and numbers, kindergarten prep, imagination development. Designed to expand the mind and develop a love of learning, these exercises foster listening skills, sustained concentration and decision-making, prepare for or reinforce school lessons, and nurture problem-solving ability and creative expression.


Super Panda!

Increasing confidence, integration into groups, willingness to try new things and initiate play, listening skills, sense of pride in achievements. These activities teach life skills like sharing, working in a group, listening and leadership—all skills that translate to a well-adjusted, well-rounded super-kid.