Archery Bows: Some Basic Iformation

Archery had a large role in human daily life for thousands of years from ancient times until about 1750, when the gun began to supplant it for hunting and warfare quite quickly. Societies all over Europe, north Africa, like Egypt, Persia (Iran), India, China and Japan remember their greatest archers. I am sure that other countries do too.

Wales produced Twm Sion Catty; England had Robin Hood and Switzerland had William Tell. Greek and Trojan archers are told of by name in Homer’s ‘Iliad’. Archers all over the world were thought of as popular heroes like footballers are today.

It seems that bows were first developed in various areas of the world practically at the same time in the late Paleolithic Age or the early Mesolithic Age. It is remarkable that different kinds of bows were developed by the different peoples around the world and each type of bow was invented to match the style of warfare that that society conducted and to the environment in which they hunted.

There are too many varieties of bows to give details of them all here, but some of the most conventional archery bows are: the longbow, flatbow, shortbow, recurve bow, compound bow and crossbow.

The longbow and the flatbow are similar in size, both can be six feet or more in length, but the cross section of the longbow is ‘D’ shaped, whereas that of a flatbow is rectangular. A flatbow is usually wider than a longbow. Both can shoot heavy 36 inch arrows long distances with great force – enough to penetrate the armour of the Middle Ages from 250-300 yards.

The shortbow is shorter, as you might gather from its name. It is a short distance bow, used for hunting small animals in regions where a long bow would be too cumbersome such as in woods or forests.

The compound bow is also a shorter bow, but it is extremely powerful because the limbs are not very flexible. In order to flex the limbs, use is made of a system of pulleys or cams.

This gives the compound bow sufficient power (more than 50 pound draw weight) to enable it to be used to hunt bigger game such as deer or bear. The compound bow is a new design, which was only invented in 1966.

Recurve bows have tips that ‘point the wrong way’ when the bow is unstrung. This gives the recurve more power inch for inch than the long or flatbow, allowing it to be used as an effective weapon for warfare or hunting from horseback.

Crossbows are specialized bows, which can be pre-loaded like a gun and shot later. In general, it takes less skill and physical strength to use a crossbow.

The arrows are very important too. Arrows can be interchangeable between the bows to a limited extent, but the length should suit the draw of the bow. Crossbow bolts are normally very short.

There are two types or shooting: instinctive and sight shooting. Sight shooting means using sights of some kind to aim, either by looking down the arrow or using optical fibre sights. Instinctive shooting is more difficult because it is intuitive. It cannot be learned, you have either got it or you ain’t.

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Hand Strength Key In Jiu Jitsu Training

Mixed martial arts is gaining in popularity, quickly becoming a world televised sport that everyone has to see. There are basic martial arts skills that people who enter the octagon have to know before they can compete. Having extensive jiujitsu training can be crucial if a competitor is going to win.

Jiujitsu is also known as jujutsu. This is a form of martial arts said to have originated in Japan but also finding its roots in China as well. Since it was first shared with others, jujutsu has become a martial arts discipline that is now practiced all over the planet, including places such as Brazil.

Long ago in fourteenth century Japan, an ancient type of warrior called Samurai found themselves on the battlefield facing enemies in quarters that were too close to allow them to draw their traditional long swords. The Samurai had to use their short swords and daggers and sometimes even their hands. This was the very beginning of what is often referred to as old style Japanese jujutsu and how it began.

In the seventeenth century, a Chinese man was said to have taught three famous ronin or Japanese lord-less Bushi fighters a style of fighting that would help them against an opponent who had more armor than they did. The style’s focus was on teaching students to flow with the enemy’s energy rather than oppose it with their own. This resulted ultimately in being pliable and gentle, yielding room to the opponent, and moving out of harm’s way. This is what the word ju often means.

Nowadays the word jujutsu is associated with grappling and close combat fighting techniques. The capable student is taught to use arm locks and leg locks as well as throws to toss their charging opponent to the floor and pin them effectively. They can keep their enemy pinned to the ground in a submission hold very easily. It’s because of this focus on close restraint and submission that many law enforcement companies turn to jujutsu for training for their employees.

In law enforcement and corrections, employees are faced with similar situations on a daily basis. They must apprehend, restrain and detain people that need to be taken into custody for questioning if not arrest. Most times these people will go willingly but sometimes they might fight back. Having good pinning and grappling skills can let a subject know that should they resist apprehension, there might be more pain to follow. This can actually help calm a subject down quickly.

When a person decides to being their training for jujutsu, they need to realize they must educate themselves on the sport first, as well as talking to the instructor of the class they want to take. They will need to ask what to wear, and if they’re allowed to use a gi or traditional martial arts uniform from another discipline. Loose and baggy clothing that has extra pockets would be a hazard in a grappling sport. Cargo pants are a good example of what to avoid. Long hair should be tied back and fingernails and toenails should be clean and trim.

Getting Jiu Jitsu Toronto training in order to become a better police officer or corrections officer is a good decision. The hand strength required for this martial arts’ many close quarters moves helps a professional learn to use their body as a lever and to protect themselves. Remember to learn about the sport of choice before simply jumping into it.

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The Journey Of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) To The U. S.

Many people are familiar with the full contact sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Multitudes of people all across the world can agree that these types of fighting matches are interesting, challenging to the fighters, and intense for everybody. In this type of fighting, opponents can use both striking and grappling to try to take down their opponent. In addition, you can fight while standing or it can be taken to the ground in this type of competition. Fighters are allowed to use a range of techniques because of the freedoms the sport

What makes this fighting styles so diverse is the various techniques that have influenced its development. These techniques differ in many ways and come from many different part of the world. Among those included are kick boxing, karate, boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Judo. Often, people will watch matches specifically to see which fighting style works better when they go up against each other.

MMA is alive and strong, and has been for thousands of years. The origins of this sport come from the ancient Olympics, in which one of the contests was a similar combat game called Pankration. One of the differences one might fight between then and now is usually, ancient Olympic sports were held nude. By the early 1900s, there were contests of mixed style both clothed and nude held all over Japan, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

When the fighting sport of Vale Tudo was introduced to America, it sparked a whole new movement in the organized fighting culture. Vale Tudo was developed in Brazil in the 1920s. The famous Gracie family brought it to the US in 1993, and ever since its rise to fame has been unstoppable.

At first, these matches were very dangerous. Fought in the Vale Tudo style, opponents did not have a lot of regulations or limitations. As the sport progressed and developed, more rules were added to increase the safety of the fighters. These new rules are what have led us to the regulated and popular version that we see nowadays.

When televised broadcasts of these types of fights became popular in the United States, it was originally advertised as a competition that would determine which was the most effective style of martial arts. This got people interested because they could learn what works best when you find yourself in an unarmed combat situation. This is how the freedom in style makes this type of contest the most genuine to many.

Some underground fighting clubs choose to neglect the new measures in safety that have been developed to make this combat sport something people can partake in without risking their health or life. It’s important to remember that these rules were made over many years of research and study, and they are the best way to negotiate freedom in technique and safety.

Most people are familiar with mixed martial arts from the televised broadcasts that are popular nowadays on pay per view TV. From that alone, we can see how this fighting style has profoundly affected American culture. And although many are still faithful to wrestling and boxing, many believe that MMA Toronto might prove to overshadow them. No matter what, it is sure and clear that fighting competitions will always be a part of our society.

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Some Facts About Archery

People have been involved with archery for a minimum of four thousand years, but very nearly certainly for a lot longer than that. Sections of composite recurve bows have been found dating back to the second millennium BC, but the parts that were found were the non-wooden, composite parts, usually of horn.

The wooden parts usually rotted away thousands of years before, but a wooden longbow from the same period was discovered in Somerset. Presumably, people had been using all wooden, single section bows long before they started making complicated composite recurve bows.

The skill of archery has always enthralled mankind and, in spite of the fact that guns have made archery obsolete, it still fascinates people today, although nowadays archery is practically exclusively used for sporting purposes. It is a thriving sport and hobby and is the national sport of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

If you are interested in practising archery, you will first have to make your mind up which kind of bow you prefer. Among other varieties, there are the longbow, recurve bow, reflex and decurve bows, deflex bow, pyramid bow and crossbow.

To a certain extent, the arrows are not interchangeable either. For instance, a longbow can cast a three foot, heavy-gauge arrow, whereas a crossbow shoots a six inch bolt. The bows also had distinctive uses although there was a certain degree of overlap.

For example, longbows were the heavy, rapid-firing armaments of their day, being able to fling a heavy, armour-piercing arrow hundreds of yards; whereas a short recurve bow was ideal for assault from horseback. Crossbows took less ability to use but were slower than a bow.

There are different kinds of arrow as well. Traditionally, arrows were made of wood with a sharp metal tip, but these days arrows can be made of aluminium or carbon fibre. The arrowheads are different for different uses as well. A simple brass tip is adequate for everyday shooting whereas a ferocious, slashing broadhead is used for killing.

The majority of people who take archery seriously use carbon fibre arrows nowadays which is the typical arrow shaft used at the Olympic games. The flights are usually of bird feathers and are used to stabilize the arrow in flight to reduce wobble. Plastic flights are also to be had as they are less susceptible to damage.

The Welsh (and English) longbow was perhaps the most heavy-duty hand bow extensively used. These longbows were normally six feet or more in length and made of one section of seasoned yew (or other woods). The draw weight of a Welsh longbow at the time of Henry VIII was between 160 -180 lbf and that would shoot a heavy three ounce arrow up to about 280 yards.

An explanation of the damage that one of these arrows could inflict was given by Gerald of Wales in the 12th century:

“… in the war against the Welsh, one of the men of arms was struck by an arrow shot at him by a Welshman. It went right through his thigh, high up, where it was protected inside and outside the leg by his iron cuirasses, and then through the skirt of his leather tunic; next it penetrated that part of the saddle which is called the alva or seat; and finally it lodged in his horse, driving so deep that it killed the animal”.

It took years of practice to draw and shoot one of these longbows bows accurately.

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Archery Targets

Archery can be classed as a sport or a hobby and it has its own category at the Olympic Games. Archers either hunt wild game animals or aim at targets or both. If you aim at targets in a competition, it is the aggregate score of all your arrows that is used to work out your position in that competition. The nearer the centre of the target that the arrow strikes, the higher the tally.

Target archery can also be sub-divided into two categories: field archery and target archery. In target archery, the archer stands in a fixed spot. If there are a number of archers, they can stand in a row and all aim together on command from the person in charge of enforcing the rules and safety. Any kind of bow can usually be used in target archery, although only compound bows may be used in the Olympic Games.

In field archery, the targets are of diverse sizes and are placed at different distances. The archer moves around the course, so there is no one fixed shooting spot. The targets may be the well-known round targets with concentric rings or they may be life-size models of wild animals like bears, moose and foxes.

The bows used in field archery are more often than not traditional style bows: longbows, flat bows and recurves, although archers may use any bow that they like. When stalking live animals, compound bows are usually used because they are smaller, so more manoeuvrable, yet they are still very powerful.

Archery targets are traditionally made from straw bundled and tied together to make ropes. These ropes of straw are then wrapped around themselves like a Catherine Wheel and stitched together. The cloth or paper target is pinned to the face of it.

The other name for these targets is ‘butts’ and many old towns and villages in Britain still have a recreational space called ‘The Butts’. Nowadays they play football or cricket on it, but Henry VIII decreed that all males had to practice his archery skills every Sunday at the butts using a longbow, so that there would be a plentiful source of archers for his army.

In competition archery, every archer shoots at his or her own target, but every archer is expected to have exclusively coloured flights, so that if there is a problem an archer and the arrow can be known. This is useful for retrieving arrows that have missed the target altogether.

There are usually six arrows shot by each competitor in a series and if they are to be shot from different distances, it is normal to shoot from the furthest distance first. Men usually shoot from 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres, while ladies usually shoot from 70, 60, 50 and 30 metres.

Archery as a sport appears to be growing in popularity, especially as there is a tendency in some countries, like the UK, to make it more difficult to obtain a gun license. They say that fashion goes around and comes back again, well British men are back at the butts practicing their archery skills again in greater numbers than there have been since possibly the sixteenth century.

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In this help I’ll be reviewing the Adidas boxing gloves range.

Adidas boxing has quickly turn out to be the most trusted brands in boxing. Adidas boxing equipment is normally seen at the Olympics as Adidas sponsor the GB team. The ClimaCool technology, created to supply ventilation, is an Adidas trademark featured in most of their range. There are many several gloves on the marketplace as part of the Adidas strategy is to cater to all levels.

Lower range:

Adidas Training Boxing Gloves & Adidas Shadow Boxing gloves

Made 100% from PU, that may be a specially formulated artificial leather know as vinyl. Developed for light training and accessible for close to 30, I would advise both these gloves for boxing pad work and boxercise training. The protection out there is average and for that reason for punch bag work, proper bag mitts would be advised.

Mid range:

Adidas performer & Adidas Tactik Pro Boxing Gloves

Both of these Adidas boxing gloves are developed with a leather palm and thumb to supply very good aid and durability for the areas of high impact. This glove offers better hand protection than the lower amount gloves and will stand as much as a lot more intense training session. Offered to close to 45. Suitable for sparring as a result of the increased hand protection.

Upper middle range:

Adidas Ultima Boxing Gloves

These Adidas boxing gloves are created with a leather palm for elevated durability and PU wrist straps. They are padded with injected foam and integrated with gel for increased hand protection and support. A high calibre item out there about the 50 mark. Correct for sparring, heavy sessions on the boxing pads and light bag work, even so these gloves are

not created for bag work, but the better hand protection will enable for light sessions.

Top Range:

Adidas Adistar Boxing Gloves:

The Adidas Adistar gloves are made using a cowhide leather palm for maximum durability and lasting quality. They’re a lot an all round glove, offered for close to 65-70. The following step up in the Adistar gloves are AIBA competition gloves which employed in amateur licensed competitions, so they’re at the top of Adidas’ training range. A very recommended sparring option and well-known amongst serious individual training.


To conclude, the Adidas boxing gloves number caters to all levels well, as well as the costs reflect the normal appropriately. There’s an very good amount of beginner and intermediate level gloves which cater well towards majority. Nonetheless in your serious pair of actual high quality, Adidas probably just isn’t essentially the most choice as the gloves do not stand up along with others to really intense training and sparring, and this is one in the factors why Adidas’ ceiling seems being the amateur divisions.

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4 Reasons For Attending A Martial Arts School

Many people have goals for themselves when they attend a martial arts school. There are a number of benefits to practising the various disciplines that fall under this term. Most people want to learn to fight someone else, but there are other uses for learning these various arts such as health and spirituality. Martial arts also varies depending on which country one is from. Here is a look at the goals people might have for learning these various movements.

One of the main reasons why a person or group of people will want to learn some form a fighting discipline is to be able to defend themselves. Women in particular are becoming more and more interested in protecting themselves from men who could be of danger to them. They have probably been hurt in some way before and now they want to prevent it from happening again.

In the past, different cultures have had to protect their people from their enemies. But, fighting was not always done to dominate another group of people. Many times fighting skills were developed as a form of dance that gradually developed into a fighting sequence. Sometimes the reverse was also true for many groups of people around the world.

These days, there are many people who practice various types of martial arts in order to compete with others. This is mainly done in sporting events where there are various levels of competing to see who is the best. This is done on a national level, regional level and on a world wide level. There are usually different disciplines that featured in these competitions.

There are some competitions that require a person to use weapons, but in many cases one uses their body only when competing against someone else. There are other times where one simply has to be able to execute various moves without fighting against someone. The one who receives the highest score is able to move on in the competition and to compete with others.

One of the reasons for engaging in sports is to keep fit. This is also one of the main reasons why most people take up some form of martial arts. They do so in order to get in shape and it is also fun for them to do. But, this is more than just physical fitness, there is also mental fitness as well in terms of focus and self-discipline.

Quite a number of people have turned to certain disciplines to learn about the spiritual truths that are associated with them. Much of what is known to be spiritual is usually applicable to everyday living. Sometimes a person does not necessarily want to learn how fight or how to attain physical fitness. They might just want to know how to attain inner peace.

A good martial arts Toronto can help a person achieve their goals in whichever path they decide to follow. Sometime people choose one or the other, while others decide to walk on multiple paths for different reasons. It is important to know what is desired and to choose a school that is able to meet ones needs.

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Archery As A Pastime And A Sport

We are all being encouraged to get out more frequently, so many people are looking for a reason for doing it. You could choose a spectator sport like football, but that is not really going to do your body much good, you should be looking for a participation sport.

If you are younger, then play soccer by all means, but if you are getting on a little, you will most likely be looking for a sport that is not quite so taxing. Men like to take aim and shoot things even if not kill them. Golf is an option, but I want to recommend that you give archery a try.

Archery has the edge over shooting a gun because it requires some physical fitness. It is not just a question of pulling, sorry, squeezing a trigger. If you take up archery, you will most likely want to develop some more upper-body strength, especially if the heaviest work you have done for the last twenty years is pick up a pen.

Archery is an rounded sport in many ways, depending on how much you get into it. The majority of novices will start out by going to an archery club and joining in for the day. People will lend them a bow and show them the safety aspects and the proper way to hold a bow and shoot an arrow. This should give you a good notion of which kind of bow you would like.

After a week or two, you might purchase your own bow and you might move from indoor target archery to outdoor target archery or even field archery, which is virtual hunting. From there, you will almost certainly meet people who take archery a stage further. You will meet competition archers, bow hunters and people who assemble their own equipment.

You might find one of these aspects of archery enthralling. You may take up bow hunting or even bow fishing. This will lead you off at a tangent, because you will have to learn about the animals that you hunt. You will have to learn where they live and what their lifestyles are. This involves research.

Or you can take up the archery equivalent of clay pigeon shooting, which is called field archery. In field archery, the archers walk around a course and replica animals or standard targets will become visible at diverse distances. This is enjoyable.

You will also meet people who like to make their own arrows and even their own bows. This is another interesting feature of archery. You can purchase the different components that go to make up an arrow and you can buy a kit to assemble a bow or you can start from scratch with an axe, a knife and a lathe. Again you will need to do a lot of research, in order to get your archery equipment just the way you want it.

This will lead you down yet another tangent to archery, but it will enhance your understanding of archery, increase your enjoyment of the sport and, as they say, add another string to your bow.

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Some Points About Bow Hunting

Bow hunting or bowhunting is one of those sports that you either love or you hate – a lot like fox hunting in the United Kingdom. Town people abhor it and anybody involved with it and country people see it necessary to cull wild animals that could otherwise become a nuisance.

Despite its macho image, which was encouraged by the film the Deer Hunter, there are growing numbers of women who go bowhunting. The big distinction between hunting with a rifle and hunting with a bow is distance. A hunting rifle with telescopic sights can deliver enough punch at 600 yards to take down a deer with a single shot almost wherever it is hit in the chest.

On the other hand, a hunter using a bow with a fifty pound draw weight will have to be within about forty yards to be able to deliver the same sort of lethal punch, if the shot is accurate to the heart.

This means that if you seriously wound an animal from 600 yards, it will probably be dead by the time you get there, clambering over fallen trees and rocks, but if you severely wound a deer from forty yards you see its pain.

This has a salutacious effect on most bow hunters. The vast majority of bow hunters do not want to see this and they do not want the creature to suffer either, so they wait for the right shot. If it is not there, they do not shoot.

A hunting bow needs to have a draw weight of at least fifty pounds to hunt large game and that used to mean quite a sturdy recurve or longbow, but the compound bow was developed in 1966.

A compound bow makes use of pulleys to assist with the draw, which allows less beefy people to achieve a draw weight of fifty pounds, which has opened up bowhunting to women and adolescents.

Large wild animals are dangerous and some will attack without warning if they feel in danger. This creates a danger zone around wild animals. Every sort of animal has a danger zone, for a lion, that could be pretty large and for a stag less so. This danger zone is an locale outside of which you are fairly safe.

If you are hunting with a gun, you can stay outside that danger zone without difficulty, but with a bow and arrow, well, you often have to go within it. This enlarged danger supplies a greater rush for bow hunters – a bigger thrill. Especially if they are hunting bears or mountain lions.

In contrast to the Deer Hunter, most bow hunters go on prearranged trips these days. The hunting trip is organized through a specialized firm which will provide guided trips into areas known to have large numbers of the animals you want to pursue.

These expert guides know how to bait zones to lure your prey; they can give advice on safety aspects and they take a big gun in case a hunter is too stupid to take their advice. Regrettably, the gun is for use on the animal, not the idiot.

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Advice For Fishing With A Bow and Arrow

Archery fishing is also called bow fishing and it is as old as the bow and arrow themselves. We in the West tend to think that only poorer tribesmen in Third World countries go bow fishing, but that is not quite true.

These days the hunting of mammals is stringently controlled and so some people who like to hunt with a bow will switch to bow fishing if the animals that they like to pursue, say deer, are out of season. Some other people, who would not hunt a deer or bear are quite happy to kill fish in this fashion.

Bow fishing is a skilled sport, but the equipment need not necessarily be hi-tech. The fact is that you can utilize whatever bow you have or you can just manufacture one. It does not have to be powerful, because the quarry is seldom more than ten feet away. You definitely do not need a 100 lbf longbow to kill a trout.

Having said that, any bow used for fishing will need to be adapted slightly – you will need to attach a reel to it, but it does not have to be anything fancy. There are three principal types of reel for use in bow fishing: hand-wrap, spincast and retriever and the line is usually braided nylon of approximately eighty pounds although you might require six hundred pound breaking strain line for alligators or sharks.

It is worth checking out the regulations with regard to bow fishing in your country or state, because sometimes bow fishermen have to be licensed and sometimes getting that license involves having been on a safety course.

Some regions will even have regulations concerning the kind of gear you can use in bow fishing and of course, some fish have seasonal limitations.

Bow fishing is a mixture of fishing and hunting, so you could have to acquire some new skills like tying knots for example. You will have to be able to tie the line to the reel and the arrow and those knots will have to be able to put up with the incredible acceleration that an arrow leaving a bow goes through without failing.

The bow may not be different much from a normal bow, but the arrows certainly do. Arrows for bow fishing are normally a lot heavier that air-flight arrows. They also have barbed points to stop the fish escaping or just slipping off when you reel it in. The arrows do not have flights either because flights tend to deflect the true course of the arrow in water – the opposite of in the air.

There are three main techniques used in bow fishing: 1] you can put down ground bait and lie in wait. – an over hanging tree or high boulder is good for this; 2] you can float down stream in a boat while sitting or standing in the bow; 3] you can walk into the river like a salmon fisherman.

Compensating for the refraction of the water is the most difficult ability to learn and that means knowing the water well too.

Owen Jones, the author of this article writes on several subjects, but is presently involved with archery recurve bows. If you would like to know more or for special offers, please go to our website at Kids Archery Set.

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